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Mainstream dating sites don't always work. They are crowded, competitive, and not focused enough. We review Niche Dating Sites that might suit your requirements better.

  • FREE registration
  • Millions of users
  • Over 5,000 chats per day
  • Profile Setup Assistant
  • Not just UK anymore!
  • Dense, active userbase
  • 3 min sign up
  • 10 min profile setup
  • Free sign up & search
  • 18+ Year Olds, UK and AU
  • Geo-targeted, active community
  • 3 minute sign up
  • 10 min profile setup
  • Free sign up & search
  • 18+ Year Olds, UK and AU

Featured Review - DatingDirect.com

One of the largest (if not THE largest) UK dating sites DatingDirect.com has entered European and International dating scene a while ago, although that move has gone unnoticed by a lot of us - who are not residing in UK.

While we normally review very specific niche dating sites and other online venues for singles out there, DatingDirect.com is a great example of a huge opportunity flying under the radar of most people too preoccupied by the noise of places like Zoosk, Tinder, and Instagram. So we thought it's simply worth your attention!

When DatingDirect.com merged databases with the infamous Match.com a few years ago, they've reached crazy numbers of over 4 million members in the UK alone. With further expansion across Europe, and now judging by our own exploration - places like Australia, Canada, and the rest of the World - it's bigger and more buzzing than ever.

The site design and functionality is modern, as opposed to some other niche sites that offer great opportunities to people with specific requirements, yet fail to deliver in some areas on the User Experience side of things. This is where DatingDirect.com excels without a doubt.

Virtual Profile Setup Assistant is actually pretty non-intrusive and nice, rather than feeling like a nuissance of similar AI-like services that you perhaps get when you visit your Insurance company or Bank website. They claim to be there to help you, but in fact are just masked entry into their search engine. Here it feels different, luckily.

The whole profile setup took us under 10 minutes, including a short writeup of an "about myself" text blurb. Questions that profile setup wizard is asking are relevant, to-the-point, and don't feel like they are here to annoy us or create some superficial experience you don't really need.

Search can be as simple or as advanced as you'd like, filters appear basic and functional, where all the complexities and fine-tuning of your suggested matches is done behind the scenes, based on the answers you gave during profile setup - i.e. what's the point of showing you smokers if you hate smoking?

The site offers additional features such as "Going Incognito", priced quite sensibly, which of course is not a unique feature exclusive to DatingDirect.com, but it's nice to know that additional things like that offering extra privacy, or protecting your identity if you'd really like that for any reason while just browsing around for starters, are there.

What we particularly liked

  • Very easy, non-intrusive setup
  • Clean and modern, mobile-friendly design
  • HUGE, GINORMOUS userbase to explore without extra noise of what we'd call a "mainstream dating" website of your area. This sentiment probably mostly applies to people outside of UK, who have other "more local" dating websites that haven't given them the results they needed. So why not use this behemoth that is a lot less noisy, yet still full of people?
  • Additional privacy features
  • FREE setup, search and a healthy key set of features you need to start looking for love in a brand new place online

What we liked less

  • Some questions during profile setup seem to be either restrictive, or too narrow/local, or just excessive - based on what your personal limits are. For example nationality. Why bother asking me that, and restricting me to 3 key choices (yes they offer "other" and "skip", but still...) if I've already selected white/caucasian for example, and my location? What's the use of this extra measurement at all?
  • While we believe DatingDirect.com presents a huge potential for niche dating seekers outside of UK who might not have simply considered the site as a venue for their search before, it's still very UK-like, with no currency conversion to your local currency shown in the UI, some selections being very UK-orientated, and such. Subjectively we think that when a site like this enters International Arena, they need to go further in localisation efforts to appeal for local demographic even more.

Our Verdict

As another FREE registration dating website, DatingDirect.com is offering you an opportunity to expand your search for love, and tap into resources that might not have been on your radar until this point.

We generally believe that any extra opportunity to expand your search without getting into some sort of stressful or inconvenient experience associated with it is a great thing! You should keep going, stay inspired, and definitely check them out!

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